Andy Murray defends use of cheeky underhand serve in Wimbledon opener towards James Duckworth

After his 4-6 6-3 6-2 6-4 victory, Murray defined in his post-match press convention that the choice to make use of the unusual shot, extra usually utilized by his buddy and fellow tennis star Nick Kyrgios, was a tactical one.

Funnily sufficient, Murray’s execution of the serve wasn’t particularly pinpoint, with the shot too excessive and too lengthy, however he gained the purpose regardless.

“He [Duckworth] modified his return place, that is why I did it,” Murray informed reporters. “He was standing very near return. He was struggling just a little bit on the first-serve return, so he stepped in all probability two meters additional again. As quickly as I noticed him step additional again, I threw the underarm (underhand) serve in.

“I personally don’t have any concern with gamers utilizing it. I by no means have. Definitely, an increasing number of gamers have began coming back from additional, additional behind the baseline now to present themselves a bonus to return.

“The underarm serve is a means of claiming, ‘If you are going to step again there, then I’ll probably throw that in.'”

There appears to be the weird notion amongst a small minority of tennis followers that the underhand serve is not directly disrespectful to the opposing participant. Murray disagrees.

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“I do not know why folks have ever discovered it probably disrespectful,” he mentioned. “I’ve by no means understood that. It is a authentic means of serving. I’d by no means use an underarm serve if somebody was standing on the baseline as a result of I believe it is a silly thought as a result of they’ll observe it down and it is simple to get.

“In the event that they stand 4 or 5 meters behind the baseline, then why would you not do this to attempt to convey them ahead if they don’t seem to be comfy returning there? Tactically, it is a good play. Nobody says it is disrespectful for somebody to return from six meters, no matter, 5 meters behind the baseline to attempt to get a bonus.

“So I used it to not be disrespectful to him however to say: ‘If you are going to step additional again to return the serve to present your self extra time, then I’ll exploit that.'”

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